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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence

Companies are now transitioning from traditional spreadsheets and reporting systems towards more sophisticated DW/BI platforms. Such a transition helps companies improve their analytical and planning capabilities, ensure consistent views of information across users, automate data inputs from multiple sources and increase data accuracy. Companies are looking to use data in new ways that will reverberate not only across their operations but also across their supply chain network. Data integration is another area to look for. While companies are accumulating data at a rapid clip, they often have trouble connecting relevant information required to make timely decisions.

BI tools help end-users identify problems that would have been otherwise buried under reams of paper and empowers them to substantially improve the organizational productivity and effectiveness. BI Dashboards help users monitor critical parameters and spot critical data on a real time basis.


The Brite Group’s DW/BI practice helps our customers implement comprehensive BI solutions through a wide range of services over different platforms like Oracle, Teradata, Netezza, SAP/Business Objects, MicroStrategy, SAS and Informatica. Our approach to Business Intelligence (BI) rests on harnessing knowledge from within and outside the organization to create actionable information assets that drive enterprise transformation and value realization.

The Brite Group leverages industry standards frameworks like DW 2.0, CIF, TDWI and PMI frameworks in our methodology and approach to implement BI solutions. The Brite Group brings industry leading practices, lessons learned and value realization to our clients in all our solutions.


Advanced Business Intelligence Capabilities –
The Brite Group Inc. possess advanced capabilities in key areas of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence.

  • Enterprise and Federated Data Warehouse Solutions
  • Operational and Real Time Business Intelligence Solutions
  • Agile Business Intelligence Methodologies

Big Data and Analytics

Big Data has indisputably taken its rightful place as an emerging powerful and inevitable innovation tool for enterprises. Unlike the analytics of the past, Big Data offers far more precise measurements essential for management of innovation and projects from initiation to completion. Today’s executives can readily make far more potent projections and precise management decisions that are rooted on tangible data. Through Big Data, enterprises can better understand their business and translate this knowledge into precise decision making.

An increasing number of enterprises are leveraging Big Data to fast track POCs and innovation projects to production. Social Data mining from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more is becoming crucial for enterprises. Whereas the potential of Big Data has not been fully realized, its usefulness in terms of speed and delivery is certainly incomparable with the analytics of the past.


Our Big Data Consulting Services are specifically meant to help organizations transform organizational knowledge into tactical insights for more informed, timelier business decisions. We help organizations determine a consistent set of metrics from which to analyze, monitor and predict business performance. We also help organizations implement the reporting tools necessary for getting the right information to the right people-from C-level executives to rank-and-file business analysts. This is crucial for making life changing business decisions. With Big Data Technologies, we solve your 3V data problems: Volume, Velocity and Variety. However, we go further and ensure the realization of the 4th V, which is Value for your organization.

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