Advanced Analytics
and Data Science

Help guide and build future data platforms to support advance analytics and data science goals using leading edge information technology tools and techniques.

Brite Group’s Advanced Analytics possess the intimate data knowledge that comes from deep industry experience. This expertise is the key to understanding you organization’s goals when building analytical models and uncovering key business insights. Our Advanced Analytics Consulting team, with specialized data scientists, helps you address customer pain points and develop better products and services to explore new opportunities for revenue generation and cost reduction.

Advanced Analytics is applying techniques to data to form the intelligence that will improve business practices and deliver a competitive edge. Our advanced data analytics practice works with clients worldwide to develop models and solutions to support data-driven decisions and provide valuable understanding into business risks and benefits. With vast expertise in government, financial services and commercial industries, Brite delivers solutions to address your specific data needs.

Our advanced analytics practice includes the following core offerings:

Data Science Solutions

The Brite data scientists fuse analytic outputs to create unified, holistic views tailored for civilian ,defense, intelligence, and law enforcement missions. Our engineers build visualization platforms that bring immediate clarity to temporal, event-based, and multi-dimensional data sources. Using pattern matching and machine learning, we help organizations quickly examine, classify and triage the contents of vast amounts of digital media. Our technologies help analysts categorize, classify and interpret forensic data quickly and accurately. This includes experience processing and analyzing data in the field, in real time, using state-of-the-art models deployed to powerful edge computing devices.

Our modeling and simulation data scientists and engineers drive the convergence of multivariate modeling, statistics, math, and physics into computer models that support simulations used for decision-making across missions that span from space to healthcare to enterprise IT.

Machine Learning and AI

Our data scientists build on the foundation of enterprise data management and business intelligence practices to ensure the success of your machine learning and AI projects. We offer machine learning model development, predictive analysis, classification, natural language processing and more. ​​We can address high-complexity use cases using fully configurable and extendable templates for deep learning, natural language processing, CPU/GPU hardware selection, model auto-tuning, live production A/B testing, streaming prediction services, model life cycle management, multiple language support, composable ML Pipelines, continuous logging, CI/CD, and optimization.

Model Management

Our domain experts and data scientists work closely to Build, train and test machine learning models using prepackaged templates based on the latest open-source frameworks and’s ML Pipeline technology. Version all critical assets, including datasets, runtime and library configurations, machine learning models, and auto hyperparameter tuning experiments to ensure full reproducibility, progress tracking, ML governance, and compliance. Implement and maintain a regular cadence of production deployments and automate prediction and retraining workloads to ensure the best models are selected and kept up to date.

Feature Engineering

Declare machine learning features as composable expressions that are database-optimized and require one-tenth the code to keep it lean and manageable. Using ability of features to operate on time-series data, unstructured or text-based data, and structured data. Contribute back to the organization by sharing and extending ML features, minimizing rework and technical debt. Our engineers enable comprehensive CI/CD testing support to ensure production models receive high-quality, stable streams of data after every upgrade.