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Enterprise Data Management

Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is a set of processes by which all the data in the enterprise is managed from source to storage, to end-use and end of life cycle.


enterprise-data-managementEDM is a systematic approach to automating and improving the collection, use and storage of data in the enterprise. EDM leverages existing investments in Data Warehouses including data stores and marts, business analytics, data integration technologies and dashboards to make business decisions faster, more precise, more consistent and more dynamic for the Enterprise.


EDM is normally implemented to address business strategies and practical implementation realities for achieving enterprise-wide control over data content.  It addresses the underlying business challenges associated with making the transition from a silo-based (vertical) to enterprise-wide (horizontal) operating structures.


Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) should be approached with a holistic point of view and addressed as a program that includes the entire lifecycle of data management. The benefit to this approach is ensuring that your MDM program will address enterprise business priorities, rather than simply those that drive the initial implementation.


Working with our clients across many industries, we have developed services that address:

• The overall MDM program definition

• The definition of an architecture and selection of technology that will support the successful implementation of MDM

• The design of the data environment and services that will implement MDM

• The operationalization of MDM — the implementation of the MDM processes themselves and the business benefits that will accrue from the ability to manage the data.


Data Integration

A focus on data integration remains a top priority for the distributed organization, especially with the explosion of data available from a variety of systems. Data integration serves as the backbone for information and integration processes, and the well-designed system ensures data harmonization and information access that are seamless across platforms and user experiences.


The Brite Group offers Data Integration solutions and services comprised of the following: Information as a Service, Data Profiling, ETL & EAI Development, Data Quality Management, Reengineering/Replatforming, and a Data Integration Factory.


We offer a multi-phase approach to data integration that includes:

  • Expertise on data integration platforms and Extraction, Transformation, and Loading, including global alliance partnerships with leading ETL vendors.
  • Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) development.
  • Data integration best practices for efficient implementations and standard output.
  • Data cleansing and enrichment.
  • Disparate data source connectivity and metadata.
  • Data federation and data integration processes.
  • Data migration and synchronization.
  • Transactional, reference, and master data integration.


Data Quality Management

Leveraging clean, useful and accurate data is an integral part of success for an enterprise. Information supports the formation of strategies, creation of growth and realization of efficiencies for enterprises who accurately model and track important relationships and market trends. The importance of data quality is magnified when internal and external information are blended in data warehouses and more advanced OLAP (on-line analytical processing) applications. To ensure the accuracy of information, new technology processes are required.


The Brite Group Inc’s Enterprise Data Management (EDM) framework coupled with industry “best of breed” tools integrate with existing applications and business processes, and provide for monitoring and tuning of the system to ensure that knowledge and rules are easily maintained. We are accustomed to working across multiple platforms and information architectures to enhance, monitor, govern and ensure the accuracy, timeliness, relevance and consistency of information throughout an enterprise, or multiple business units within an organization. The Brite Group increases the power of our clients’ business intelligence solutions by cleansing, correcting and enhancing data to ensure foundational information is in compliance with internal business rules and with regulatory obligations.


Our Enterprise Data Quality Management helps our clients:

  • Create an accurate view of your enterprise, your customers and your business environment
  • Improve the value to data through appending information from trusted sources onto your customer records
  • Uncover the structure, completeness and suitability of data within the enterprises data resources
  • Verify enterprise data against established criteria or watch lists in real time


Data Governance Policies and Procedures

Data governance refers to the overall management of the availability, usability, integrity, and security of the data employed in an organization. A sound data governance program includes a governing body or council, a defined set of procedures, and a plan to execute those procedures.


Most organizations have started collecting data that forms part of the overall data architecture. They are missing the policies and procedures to define data sharing strategies, authoritative data sources and data standards.


The Brite Group consultants have years of experience in creating and implementing data governance programs in the Department of Defense and numerous civilian agencies, and completely understand the challenges an organization faces as it moves to adopt a data governance solution.

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