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Strategy and Architecture Services

Strategic IT Planning – In order to effectively define an organization’s IT goals and objectives, a solid understanding of the organization’s IT needs and challenges is paramount. Strategic IT planning is an underutilized and often overlooked tool that can be used to help an organization articulate the vision, needs, and path forward for IT. We guide our clients through the strategic IT planning process, ensuring that they can define a strategic IT vision and implement a plan to achieve their vision.


Enterprise Architecture (EA) – Enterprise architecture is a strategic management discipline focused on analyzing and documenting the enterprise in a comprehensive and holistic manner. When used correctly, EA provides an overall blueprint of the organization that helps to guide and inform enterprise decision making, investments, and initiatives. Furthermore, EA can help ensure IT efforts are driven by business needs and aligned with an organization’s strategic vision. Whether an organization is planning an EA program, currently implementing an EA program, or looking to maximize the effectiveness of an existing EA program, we bring both the expertise and experience to help our clients ensure their EA initiatives are successful.


Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) – Service-oriented architecture is a standards-based architectural strategy that aims to more closely align business and IT objectives. By creating a set of repeatable tasks or services that can be easily re-used as needed, SOA can provide an unprecedented amount of agility and flexibility, enabling organizations to quickly respond and react to changing market conditions and business requirements. We assist our clients with the planning, design, governance and management of their SOA efforts, providing expertise and experience that help our clients fully realize the benefits of a SOA-enabled enterprise.


Business Process Management – At its core, BPM combines management and technology, linking people to the information, data and applications that run the business through flexible enterprise tool suites. Whether an organization’s business processes aren’t keeping up with its growing business or an organization would like the see how the business could run better, BPM is a key service of The Brite Group that can ensure your new or existing technology is being monitored and used for maximum productivity. BPM enables you to rapidly build, deploy, monitor and modify applications that support how your business operates without modifying legacy code. BPM gives you complete control in how you do the work that is important to your company by letting you effectively monitor the applications that drive and support your day-to-day operations. Through in-house services and partnerships with leading BPM software packages, we provide comprehensive BPM consulting services. The Brite Group consultants can help you plan and execute BPM to maintain synergy between systems, adjust workflow on demand and keep the whole business running smoothly. Services include business processing modeling, ROI analysis, iterative development methods and creating enterprise SOA architectures.

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