Data Management Assessment and Training

Help guide and build future data platforms to supportData Management Assessment and Training goals using leading edge information technology tools and techniques.

Brite Group’s Data Management Assessment and Training services offer organization’s the ability to learn from one of the leading IT Strategy and Consulting Agencies in the USA. Our many years of experience and high profile clientele has put us at a strategic advantage to help you with your Data Management Assessment and Training goals. 


Model Management

Our domain experts and data scientists work closely to Build, train and test machine learning models using prepackaged templates based on the latest open-source frameworks and’s ML Pipeline technology. Version all critical assets, including datasets, runtime and library configurations, machine learning models, and auto hyperparameter tuning experiments to ensure full reproducibility, progress tracking, ML governance, and compliance. Implement and maintain a regular cadence of production deployments and automate prediction and retraining workloads to ensure the best models are selected and kept up to date.

Feature Engineering

Declare machine learning features as composable expressions that are database-optimized and require one-tenth the code to keep it lean and manageable. Using ability of features to operate on time-series data, unstructured or text-based data, and structured data. Contribute back to the organization by sharing and extending ML features, minimizing rework and technical debt. Our engineers enable comprehensive CI/CD testing support to ensure production models receive high-quality, stable streams of data after every upgrade.