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How Can Machine Learning Improve Data Quality and Data Integrity to produce Better Analytics

According to Yahoo the global data & business analytics market size was $198.08 Billion in 2020 and is projected to reach  $684.12 Billion by 2030. However, Gartner’s Data Quality Market Survey estimates that the financial impact caused by data quality issues resulted in organizations … Continue reading

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The Brite Group recognizes Kidist (Kiddy) Demissie and Andy Bedewi

The Brite Group would like to recognize Kidist (Kiddy) Demissie and Andy Bedewi for their hard work and dedication in completing their certifications.Kiddy and Andy both completed Microsoft 365 Teamwork and Kiddy continued to complete Developing Microsoft Sharepoint Server 2013 … Continue reading

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The Brite Group receives a new contract award at the US Bureau Of Census

The Brite Group has been awarded an 8(a) prime contract to provide Content Management and Microsoft Sharepoint Services to the US Bureau Of Census.The contract consists of a base year and four 1-year options to provide comprehensive services in Microsoft … Continue reading

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USA Predictions with Machine Learning in Python

Machine learning turns information into knowledge by using techniques to automatically find valuable underlying patterns with complex data that we would otherwise struggle to discover. The hidden patterns and knowledge about a problem can be used to predict future events … Continue reading

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